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I am halfway through watching season two of Legend of the Seeker. Holy crap, Richard Cypher is the Marty Stu-iest Marty Stu that ever Marty Stu-ed. Spoilers through middle of season two )

What I find in watching this show is that the world building is absolutely fascinating to me. So I want more of the show, just maybe...better done. (See above.)

I realized yesterday that what I'd really like is a Sword of Truth RPG. I'm particularly fascinated by the interplay of the wizards, confessors, and Mord-Sith. They are all three capable of magic, but they're kind of the rock, paper, scissors of mages. Wizards defeat confessors, confessors defeat Mord-Sith, and Mord-Sith defeat wizards. I think building a party around these different abilities would be really interesting, since each has abilities that work only in certain situations.

I can't help thinking about confessor powers in combat--a confessor's most effective weapon is her ability to confess someone, and turn them into a slave. But it leaves her vulnerable. This seems perfectly suited to RPG-style combats--that yes, you can make people on the other side fight for you, but only if you take a turn (or two) and have no defensive abilities at the time.

Oh, and there's this guy with a big honking sword that works on righteous anger or whatever, but really, the Seeker is the least interesting part of this universe.
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I'm halfway through season 1 of Legend of the Seeker, and man, this show is fucked up. Half the episodes are about bratty children with hearts of gold and the other half are kinky BDSM torture porn.
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The other day, since there was nothing on TV, I watched an episode of Legend of the Seeker. When it started, I had this sense of deja vu, like, doesn't this look exactly like Hercules and Xena? It does. Because it is brought to us by the same people. (Oh Rob Tappert, never change.) And despite the fact that those shows were in Ancient Greece and this one is in medieval fantasyland, they look pretty much the same. I even recognize the same shooting locations in New Zealand ("Hey! That's Bethel's Beach! Again."), and probably some of the same stunt people. I feel like it needs to be said--this is not a good show. At all, really.

Even so, I went back and watched the pilot. Spoilers for the pilot of Legend of the Seeker. Come on, I know none of you care if you get spoiled for this show. Just click on the link. )

That would be a fantastic show. I want that show. Too bad Legend of the Seeker is generic fantasyland drek. Seriously, I think the writers just went back to their file drawer of rejected Hercules scripts and replaced the names. ("Hercules--er, I mean Richard--you must find your inner courage...")


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