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I just finished washing season three of Bones. The bonus material for season three is…the first four episodes of season four. Okay, I know you had the writer’s strike, but really? Nobody else felt the need to do that. In any case, I have a few wee issues about how they ended season three and started season four. I’ve seen up through "The Finger in the Nest," so spoilers for that.

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Aug. 11th, 2008 10:20 am
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Though I have far better things to post about (and to do, considering the mountains of work on my desk after my vacation), I just need to post again about Bones. Specifically—I have never seen a big budget prime time drama have as many continuity errors as this show. They're glaring. People's hair, hands and props moving, props changing color between shots. But this is my favorite:

In "The Skull in the Desert," Booth and Brennan are driving along, desert scenery whipping past them. In one shot of Booth, the scenery behind him cuts from scrub brush to a mesa. Let me repeat that: there's a hugely noticeable cut in the background scenery. Now, either their car is equipped with a teleport, or they are sitting on a set with a projector screen behind them. It is ri-di-cu-lous that nobody caught that before they aired it.

I don't pay a whole lot of attention to this stuff—I don't look for continuity errors. In this show, they are so blatant you can't help noticing them. Not to mention the plot holes and logical inconsinstencies. Why do I still watch you ask? Because the cast is darn entertaining.

One more note: they've done a couple episodes now where Brennan goes on a TV show to publicize her book and bombs. We do not do that to our authors. That's why we have publicists. If an author was as socially awkward as Brennan, no way would we book her on a TV show. If we felt it necessary, we'd give her media training, and the publicist would be on set with them. We don't just throw authors out there and watch them crash and burn. Yet another thing in the long list of egregious misconceptions about publising in this show...


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