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Ivy's fanfic (Index on AO3)

Morning in the Evening (Read on AO3)
In retrospect, Dean knew it was a mistake. He could have anticipated the outcome, in all its ugliness, if he'd allowed himself to think at all instead of just acting. If he was more honest with himself than he ever had been in his life, he'd admit that he'd done it because he wanted to force Sam's hand. He thought he knew what Sam would choose if it came down to it, and maybe he just needed to know for sure. But as plans went, this one sucked ass.
Crazy Faith: Part I Part II (Read in one piece on AO3)
Sam saw the Impala in West Texas.

It's a Mile from Here to Glory (Read on AO3)
John found it when he was doing laundry. When John dug into the bottom of Dean's duffel to get the last of the dirty socks that had been sitting in there, probably, since the last time John had caved and done the laundry, he found a roll of bills. Tens and twenties, mostly, held together with a black binder clip. It was close to five hundred dollars.
Dear Lovey Hart (Read on AO3)
"People I've fucked," Sam said nonchalantly. Dean almost did a spit-take. "I have had sex with eight people. Lifetime total." He waved his hand in the air over his head, probably trying to show the number eight on his fingers, then gave up and let his arm drop like a rock back to his side. He scrunched up his face like he was thinking hard. "Make that nine…no…eight and a half."

Dean rolled his eyes.

"Your turn," Sam said.

Semper Fi (Read on AO3)
Things go differently after the fire in Lawrence. Very differently.

Balance of Days (Read on AO3)
His brother had been right next to him, but he couldn't see him now. He called out again and got only silence. He stepped over a beam—one of the ceiling supports had fallen—and then he saw him.

His brother was dead. Undeniably, unarguably dead.

Swarm Their Fates (Read on AO3)
AU ending to "Heart."

Identity Theft Solutions (Read on AO3)
All those credit cards Sam and Dean use? They must come from somewhere.

Bedfellows (Read on AO3)
John hasn't always been able to chose who he does business with.

Flesh and Blood (Read on AO3)
"Either I’m possessed or I’m wearing cursed boxers," Dean said, hopping on the balls of his feet.

Old Hideaway (Read in one piece on AO3)
It's Jared's first summer as a camp counselor. He didn't know what he was expecting at Camp Mahina, but it certainly wasn't the frequently shirtless sailing counselor with the perfect smile—who doesn't know he exists. Camp means living in close quarters with no privacy at all. How can Jared be expected to hide his crush when Jensen's everywhere he turns?
|Master Fic Post| |Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three|
|Master Art Post|

More Than All (Read on AO3)
It wasn't until much later that Peter started to think about the fact of Claire, that she existed at all. And when he did, he realized he should have known about her a long time ago.

Stargate: Atlantis
Infinite Recursion (Read on AO3)
Rodney's avoiding John. Episode tag to "McKay and Mrs. Miller"

Teen Angel (Read on AO3)
Rodney wasn't always a geek.

Of the Day's Annoyances (Read on AO3)
Dr. Kavanagh is annoyed.

Golgata (Read on AO3)
"Is that a tattoo gun?" Chas's voice absolutely did not squeak. "Not that I haven't thought an afternoon of non-consensual tattooing from my boss would be a fun time, but aren't you at least supposed to get me hammered first?"

The Third Day (Read on AO3)
"The point is," Chas said reverently, "you have an honest-to-god founder of the church in your living room."

John crouched next to him, grinning. "It’s a great angle. I’ll get a much better price for him."

"You’re going to sell him?" Chas exclaimed incredulously. "You can’t – it’s St. Wilfrid!"

John grinned at him. "What did you think I was going to do with him? Consecrate communion wafers?"

Everybody's Got to Start Somewhere (Read on AO3)
Chas’s first exorcism.

Damned If You Do (Read on AO3)
John breaks the news about his cancer to Chas.

Fallout (Read on AO3)
Constantine explains it all.

Afterimage (Read on AO3)
Coda to the end of the movie, somewhere between Ravenscar and the rooftop scene with Angela.

Under New Management (or The Runaway Bride Gets a New Position) (Read on AO3)
What if Donna ran Torchwood?

Half the Battle (Read on AO3)
There are truths you just can't live with. Ianto knows that better than anyone.

Never Have I Ever (Read on AO3)
Egregious application of both whisky and scotch, and way too much information. Alternate ending to "Journey's End," if scroll over for episode spoilers) the time-lock had not conveniently opened.

Other fandoms
Criticism, Carping, or Undue Influence (Read on AO3)
nit*pick (v): an excess of concern over trivial details; criticism, carping, or undue focus. Suspected Andrian origin.
—Galactic dictionary, third revised edition CY 11958

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Passing Strange (Read on AO3)
Ever since Iolaus came back from the dead (again), Hercules has been avoiding Corinth. Iolaus would like to know why.

Dark Angel
Galatea (Read on AO3)
Alec knows all about job security—and at Jam Pony the best way to keep his job is to make sure Normal is happy. Very happy.

Cheaters Never Win (and winners never cheat) (Read on AO3)
Elle can't always protect Chuck, but she sure as hell tries.

Burn Notice
8-Tracks and Razor Blades (Read on AO3)
Michael Westen wasn't always a spy.

Fantastic Four
The Blind Houdini (Read on AO3)
Reed Richards is the most flexible man on the planet—no surprise he can fit both his feet in his mouth at the same time.

King Arthur
Turning Away (Read on AO3)
Arthur should have known that if Lancelot ever returned to England, it would be at the head of an invading army. NOTE: This story was never finished.

due South
Mont Blanc (Read on AO3)
Fraser and his pen.

Sorry Doesn't Cut It (Read on AO3)
Fraser gives a practical demonstration of dilantant fluids.

A Greater Sense of Security than Warranted
"They are all related. Because I chose them. I’m the common factor."

Busking (Read on AO3)
Jarod busks.

Red Tape (Read on AO3)
Lyle's car is stolen. Again.

Linen (Read on AO3)
Simon contemplates his shirt.

First Impressions (Read on AO3)
Jayne meets the crew of Serenity. Completely jossed by "Out of Gas."

The Shadow (movie)
Home (Read on AO3)
Lamont Cranston returns home from the war.

seaQuest DSV
Surely You're Joking, Dr. Wolenczak (Read on A03)
In an alternate future off of the season one canon, Dr. Lucas Wolenczak writes his memoirs. With the most sincere flatter meant for Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman.

Roomies (Read on AO3)
Bridger put Lucas and Piccolo in a room together? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

If you want the Power Rangers fic—and god, why would you—you'll have to dig through the memories on my lj. I'm just too ashamed to link it anywhere else.


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