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My cousin has an apartment on Christopher overlooking the parade route for the NYC Pride Parade, so I went over to a viewing party. (Which involved her having to come over and get me from the police barricade. They were stopping all comers, except residents. And the guys who bribed them with a pizza. This meant she spent the whole party walking a block to the barricade and getting people.)

Around three or so, the parade seemed to fizzle out. We were all like...that was short? Then someone reported that, according to Twitter, a BLM protest had blockaded the parade in front of Stonewall. (I have not been able to confirm this.) About 45 minutes later, the parade started again and I understood why.

Because the next block of people was the NYPD.

Let me tell you. The level of cognitive dissonance watching the NYPD march in the Pride parade I cannot even really handle. An older woman attending the party I was at said she felt physically ill and moved away from the windows until they had passed. On the one hand, I'm glad to see out and proud police officers marching with their spouses and children. On the other hand--this parade happens when and where it does because of the heinous acts of the NYPD. And it's not like that's all ancient history, either.

After them came the NY Corrections Officers. They had a prison bus that they'd decorated. I. I can't even. Really. That's just.

The government group I thought rocked it were the National Park Service for the Stonewall National Monument. Yes. That National Monument is only a year old, and yeah, the Park Service should march in the parade that commemorates the reason why Stonewall was made a monument.

Date: 2017-06-27 12:30 am (UTC)
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Huzzah for the NPS folks!

Agreed that the police and corrections staff seem a pretty strange addition for this particular parade. Although it's certainly good to see that there's representation within the force.


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