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This time of year is kind of like New Year's for auditors. I've actually been talking about my new year's resolutions at work, even though it's March. Um...happy Nowruz?

One of them is to actually post. I still write LJ posts, just...in my head. And never get around to actually typing them. I also want to put more of my photo albums into photo books, and I love adding email and lj posts for flavor, so I'm falling down a nostalgia hole that's reminding me that I do enjoy reading my own posts, at least, even if no one else does. So!

Two random things make a post.

1) Saw Logan. A++. I have found myself with a melancholy hangover all day and I keep having to think--why am I sad? Oh right, Logan. I found some commentary last night trying to fit Logan into the movie continuity, which doesn't work, but honestly doesn't bother. It's basically fic. And as the X-Men characters are kind of mythological at this point, I have no problem seeing this as a story about these characters, without it having to be the story. And christ Patrick Stewart is perfect.

The one thing that bothered me, though, was the accents of the kids. They were all raised in the same place. They should all have the same accent. I really wish they'd committed to Laura speaking Spanish. Clearly she can understand English from earlier in the movie, but I would have loved it if she and the other kids only spoke Spanish--and if it was unsubtitled, as the movie is Logan POV, and he clearly doesn't speak Spanish.

2) I am continuously on a new music discovery voyage, and man, I found something incredible. Maxida Marak and the Downhill Bluegrass Band. Marak is a Sami singer (the indigenous people of northern Sweden). The collaboration with the bluegrass band seems to be a one-off, which is a shame, because the album "Mountain Songs and Other Stories" is flawless. It includes fantistic covers of "Darling Corey" and "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive," as well as traditional Sami songs with bluegrass arrangements. If you are a fan of bluegrass at all, check it out.
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