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Not all WiPs go unfinished forever. Sometimes, four years later, one gets finished.

Torchwood Babiez is finally complete. This is an adorable web comic in the style of Muppet Babies. It was started in 2007, before there even was a series two, long before Children of Earth, before there was even a series three of Doctor Who. And after all this time, it is done. Check it out.
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I had an epiphany yesterday: Torchwood wants to be the sci fi version of Criminal Minds. No, really. Criminal Minds is a procedural about profilers and serial killers, but it's also about what this line of work does to these people. It's about how it psychologically damages them, isolates them from the rest of the world, destroys their outside relationships, and forces them to rely more and more on just each other for everything.

Torchwood is trying to do the same thing, especially in the first season--show how the work damages and isolates the characters. But where Criminal Minds manages to pull this off in an authentic and realistic way, Torchwood...not so much. And while Torchwood has no problem killing its characters to prove the harshness of this world, Criminal Minds, rather than killing them, has no problem taking characters we like and having them go through emotional breakdowns that turn them into people we no longer like or admire. I think that shows the harshness of the world far more than martyring the character, because it destroys the character more completely.

So, yes, I think Torchwood wishes it were Criminal Minds. And let's face it, John Barrowman is no Mandy Patinkin.
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I got my hands on the Torchwood radio dramas, and man did they deliver. A) John Barrowman is a much better actor on the radio. No really. When you can't see him, the overacting is not so bad. B) In "The Dead Line," Ianto has a five-minute soliloquy of emo gold. It is brilliant. Spoiler for Children of Earth )
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In case anyone on the internet has missed this, David Tennant plants one on John Barrowman at a panel at San Diego Comic Con.

It happens at about the five minute mark )

I didn't actually listen through the rest of it, so I have no idea if there are spoilers for things, recent or upcoming. So if you're worried for that, you can skip it. Or just fast forward.

Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] dotfic.
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One more thought on Torchwood )

Yes, yes, I know you're all bored of this now.
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So I've been listening to this excellent podcast on Torchwood:Children of Earth (spoilers!), and they keep mentioning Torchwood audio plays.

Where can I find these Torchwood audio plays?
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Um, so I've maybe started writing that post-Children of Earth fic. Dammit. But I just realized for this that I need to do some research about British politics. Anyone know a good site with a primer on British politics?
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The Great Big Children of Earth post )

An hour and a half later...phew! The cat is glaring at me. Oh, now she's turned her back to me to protest my not paying attention.
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So, I've been contemplating fic ideas I have for both Star Trek and Torchwood, and I realize that...they're the same damn stories. Both are about one character who wants a relationship, and another who doesn't understand why promiscuity could be a problem.

And then I realized...

Captain Jack/Captain Kirk

Why have I not seen this yet? It seems inevitable.
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(I'd like to point out that this post was written before I watched CoE, which I have now seen.)

Torchwood was on the front page of the NY Times Arts section this Saturday (Article title has spoilers for villain, and article has fairly major spoilers for CoE )). This is what baffles me about this article:

America these days gets its televised science fiction in a narrow spectrum, from serious to grim. (Hello, "Battlestar Galactica.") Even relatively lighthearted fare like the "Stargate" franchise strives for a certain level of surface plausibility.

Which may explain why the British series "Torchwood"...has been such a success with American audiences and critics. Maybe we have a hankering for aliens who appear to be wearing our old Halloween costumes and for stories of such giggly impossibility that we’d be embarrassed to watch if we had a second to stop to think.

Wait...Torchwood is the lighthearted antidote to serious sci fi like BSG? Uh...I do not think this person has been watching the same show as me. Because Torchwood has such a complex about being angstier/grimmer/more "adult" than thou.

I think the reviewer has mistaken poor execution (schizophrenic writing, hammy acting) for earnest, intentional farce. I just...don't think "giggly" is ever a word I'd use for Torchwood. Except maybe for the cyberwoman/pterodactyl fight. But make no mistake. I am laughing at them, not with them.
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I suddenly have an enormous craving for Torchwood. Possibly because I've been listening to the TW soundtrack while working. (It's a good soundtrack! The track where spoiler ) is particularly good.) I feel like I've read all the fic. When's it coming back?
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Title: Never Have I Ever
Author: Ivy [livejournal.com profile] ivy03
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: R (for language)
Length: 3,800 words
Warnings: Spoilers up through Doctor Who "Journey's End" and Torchwood "Exit Wounds."
Summary: Egregious application of both whisky and scotch, and way too much information. Alternate ending to "Journey's End," if (highlight for episode spoilers) the time-lock had not conveniently opened.

A/N: I started this back in July, immediately after watching "Journey's End." With the new season of Torchwood on the horizon, it was time to polish the thing off and finally post it. It was originally part of a five things fic, which never quite made it to five things. This is the best section, anyway.

Never Have I Ever )

Read on AO3.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 06:33 pm
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My brand new icon: John Barrowman! Yay! I finally have a Torchwood icon! Also, I did nothing to this image but resize it. This is an actual promo image for Barrowman's Robin Hood pantomime. Sparkles included. More pics from this (including with a giant robot WTF) are here.
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Title: Half the Battle
Author: Ivy ([livejournal.com profile] ivy03)
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen, Jack/tons of people, Jack/is a slut
Spoilers: Set after "Something Borrowed," mention of "Adrift"
Word Count: 6,000
Warning: I was mugged by this super emo plot bunny. I swear it's not my fault. It's actually my fantastic beta [livejournal.com profile] trakkie's fault for goading me into it.
Summary: There are truths you just can't live with. Ianto knows that better than anyone.

Half the Battle )

Read on AO3.
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So, I am finally caught up on Torchwood. That did not hurt the way I thought it would. In fact, I didn't mind it too much.

A Day in the Death )

Something Borrowed )

From Out of the Rain )

Adrift )

Fragments )

Exit Wounds )

Overall thoughts on the show )

As [livejournal.com profile] gryphonrose pointed out, Torchwood deserves some sort of prize for most improved show from the first to the second series. I'm beginning to see hints at a show I could genuinely enjoy. But only hints. It improved a lot, but that doesn't mean it's actually good now. Maybe if it sticks around for enough seasons eventually it will be.
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Out of curiosity last night I looked up the birth years of some of the actors on Torchwood. The actor's age isn't always the age of the character, but it's a good way to guess at it in the absence of canon establishing an age.

Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays Ianto, is 26. John Barrowman, who plays Jack, is 40. Even setting aside the whole 200-year-old immortal thing, that's quite an age gap. Not an insurmountable one, to be sure, but enough to make things complicated. Let's just say, I'm 26 and 40 is a few years older than I would date.

This also makes more sense for the Ianto-as-teaboy thing. Most 26 year olds are still in relatively menial office jobs (just ask my friends!). Of course, the actress who plays Gwen is only three years older than that, so it doesn't quite make sense that Ianto's job is so much more, um, useless than everybody else's. Now I have a picture, though, of Ianto photocopying stuff back at Torchwood One. He'd've been 24 at the Battle of Canary Wharf, which is plenty young enough to have a job in the mailroom, there.


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