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This weekend I have done everything on my list...except work on the big_bang story. So, speaking of procrastinating!

I just popped in a Starsky and Hutch episode and realized--I'd seen it before. Even though there's no possible way that I could have. I just got this disk in the mail and I never saw the show in syndication. Through some confused fast-forwarding I realized I hadn't seen the episode--but I had scene the opening scene.

They took the first six minutes of a previous episode and stuck it onto this one.

Those six minutes I guess kinda stood alone, then they started up the new episode with an overdub on a shot of them driving with Starsky saying something like "Well, it's a good thing we had these costumes in the trunk!" to explain why this shot had nothing to do with the last.

That is some guts. I'm thinking--did they lose a reel of film? Were they censored? How do you end up so short for an episode that you reuse six minutes? Weren't they worried people would think it was a rerun and turn it off?

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I meant to do a big post on Starsky and Hutch as a whole, but I was rather disturbed by one episode of it I watched last night, so I'm going to write about that instead.

Nightmare (with mention of a few other episodes) )

In any case, I don't have the appropriate cultural context for this episode, but I was pretty shocked to find myself watching serious social commentary on what is normally an emo cops and robbers show.
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I've been watching Starsky and Hutch lately and boring all my friends by talking about seventies fashion and the progression of buddy cop shows. So I'm not going to talk about that. I've been reading a lot of the fic, but there's one story I haven't seen yet and I refuse to believe it doesn't exist. The fandom's been around for thirty years. Somebody must have written this. So if you know something similar, point the way. I also think it's the best explanation for the boys' behavior on the show.

My personal Starsky and Hutch canon )

That story's got to exist, right? Cause I am way too behind on everything else I said I'd write to contemplate tackling something like this.


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