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Jul. 6th, 2009 06:19 pm
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I'm sorry for all the spamming on SGA, but I'm just watching this stuff now, and fandom finished discussing this stuff last fall. And I need to vent!

I just watched "Brain Storm," and now I'm trying to figure out why I dislike Keller so much, especially since I know certain (male) friends of mine love her. She's got two strikes against her coming in: she replaced Beckett, who was killed in an asinine way, and she's introduced as a romantic interest for one half of my OTP. So I know it's easy to dismiss my dislike as oh, silly slasher, getting upset when the male leads don’t get together, but that's not it. SG1 won me over to Vala by the end, and by rights I should have disliked her for her interest in Daniel.

I think for Keller it comes down to this: She is defined by her desirability to men. blah, blah, angrycakes, with surprise lesbians )

The love triangle seems to exist solely so that Keller will chose Rodney over a Ronon. It's not an organic development. Everything about Keller's interactions with both Rodney and Ronon rings false to me. Ronon is just a stand-in for all the jocks in Martin Gero's past who got the girl, so that this fantasy girl can not only choose Rodney, but make him "win" over the jocks. This is not only a disservice to Keller, but to Ronon, whose interactions with Rodney this season are all about Keller, rather than being about the years of history between them. He's turned into a dumb brute for the benefit of this storyline. "Brain Storm" has even more of this—Rodney explicitly says he wants Keller to go so he can show up his peers. She exists to bolster his self-esteem, and that's it.

I think they could sell me on a romance between Rodney and somebody. But instead they forced a soap opera style drama on me and a character who exists solely to further the artificial conflict. So I just really don't like her. And I promise it's not because I'm a slasher.

ETA: Just got to a scene in "Infected" where Keller is telling Rodney how intimidated she is by his awesomeness. Of course she says this. This is what the writer would like to think all good girlfriends should say. *gag me, gag me, gag me*


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