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Dear Stargate franchise--
I know the pilot of the new series, Stargate Universe, is on right now. I did not forget. But I am not watching. I am breaking up with you. Barring a wave of internet praise, which is unlikely, given the internet's reaction so far, I will not be catching up on this later, either. I have no desire to subject myself to another train wreck like the anti-feminist ("but it has to be feminist! There are women in it!") "Whispers." I will be here with my DVDs of the good SG seasons.

We are Hugh

Aug. 3rd, 2009 06:05 pm
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I just finished rewatching season five of TNG, which means watching the episode "I, Borg." As I was watching it, I was thinking--this is what SGA is missing. An episode like this, where everyone has to address their prejudices and think long and hard about their kneejerk hatred of the enemy, despite what that enemy has done. It's a fantastic episode of learning to hate the war, not the soldier.

SGA came close a few times, with Todd and with Michael. But each time, as you got to that place of understanding, where the Atlanteans had to look at this one wraith as an individual, both wraiths reverted to mustache-twirling villainy, freeing the Lanteans of the responsibility of having to reevaluate their view of the wraith as a whole.

I was particularly struck by how, in "I, Borg," as soon as the possibility is raised of planting a computer virus in Hugh that he would bring back to his race to destroy them, people immediately voice ethical objections, particularly Dr. Crusher. When similar suggestions were made on SGA, with respect to the replicators or the wraith, everyone just went great--do it. That means that not only did SGA lack a certain moral depth, but it lacked drama. What on TNG was a serious ethical struggle and source of conflict between the characters, on SGA was just a bit of technobabble.

(Also, the actor playing Hugh? OMG adorable. They have an interview in the special features with him from 2002 in which he still looks barely twenty.)
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I’ve been watching the final season of Stargate Atlantis (it just came out on DVD). It has not been sucking as much as I’d expected. I’d even rate it higher than season four. Since the last episode I watched while it aired was “Whispers” (still one of the most offensive, badly written hours of television I have ever seen) I did not have high hopes.

“The Queen” was kind of fun, and I liked Teyla’s makeup. The plot had no more holes than I’ve come to expect from this show, which is to say a ton.

“Tracker”--Keller, blah, blah, I think I was doing a crossword while watching this one. At least they finally acknowledged they have a love triangle, rather than ignoring Ronon completely. Even if I do find it asinine.

I loved the Daniel episodes, I have to say. First Contact/The Lost Tribe ) But Daniel and McKay are fantastic together, with Daniel’s whole hohum, another kidnapping, more threats, *sigh* attitude he perfected in the late seasons of SG1. I felt sorry for the cancelation of the series for the first time when, on the commentary, one of the producers said they were planning to bring Daniel in full-time next season. True, it wouldn’t really be SGA anymore, but it hasn’t been for a while, and I like Daniel.

“The Outsiders” has one of the best lines in SGA history )

Then I came to “Inquisition.” Oh, what an ironic show )

Now I am watching “Remnants,” and the only thing I can pay attention to is that JFlan’s sideburns are seriously going gray.
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I know I'm waaaay behind on this, but I just rented the SGA season 4 DVDs to catch up before the premier tonight.

Trio )

Midway )
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This week on Stargate Atlantis, non-specific spoilers )
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This week on SGA, it's Memento. Man, they aren't even trying anymore, are they? It's like watching Stargate: Karaoke.
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Huh. Well, that was boring.

SGA – Doppelganger )

Why are all the shows I follow so blah this season? Where has all the squee gone?
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Being the good little Stargate: Atlantis fans that we are (try as the show might to turn us away), [livejournal.com profile] trakkie and I watched David Hewlett's film A Dog's Breakfast. Or, what the Stargate cast and crew did to pass the time during hiatus.

It is written by, directed by, and starring David Hewlett. It also stars his sister (as his sister), his dog (as his dog) and his "best friend" Paul McGillion, with a cameo by Chris Judge. His girlfriend is co-producer. The entire crew is from Stargate, as is one of the producers. They even got the Director of Photography on the Stargates, Jim Menard, who says in a wistful voice in the special features (four featurettes, deleted scenes and a commentary for this dinky film) that he was looking forward to vacation when he got the call, but he's never been able to turn down a job. Hell, the equipment they used was from Stargate, including the hi-def digital cameras. They even used one of the Stargate sets.

All these people? They were being paid "by deferral," which means not at all. David roped all his friends and family into doing this for free.

And after all that, A Dog's Breakfast is a turd. )
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When plot bunnies attack...

Title: Infinite Recursion
Author: Ivy
Rating: G
Summary: Rodney's avoiding John. This is unrepentant shmoop. The plot bunny mugged me and I was helpless to resist, I swear. Episode tag to "McKay and Mrs. Miller" – no real spoilers

Infinite Recursion )

Read on AO3.
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New fic posted over at [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic for the post secret challenge. I was attacked by a marauding bunny this morning, so: voila.

Title: Teen Angel
Author: Ivy
Rating: PG
Pairing: McShep
A/N: To accompany this secret. Takes place shortly before 2.02 Intruder. I only meant this to be 200 words, honest! What can I say - not even I can get McKay to shut up.
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Argh! I'm so annoyed that the rest of the season of both Stargate:Atlantis and SG1 has aired in Canada. This means I keep getting posts about spoilerific fic for episodes that haven't aired yet! I know by the time I've seen those eps I'll have forgotten that I wanted to read these stories.

This must be what it's like to be a fan everywhere else in the world most of the time.
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I actually wrote something over the weekend! Shocker, I know. It's for the [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic community.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Of the Day's Annoyances
Author: Ivy
Challenge: Documentation
Genre: Gen
Summary: From the journal of Dr. Kavanagh

Of the Day's Annoyances


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