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Soooo...Sherlock )

In conclusion, I am really, really digging Elementary right now. Sherlock fandom has my heart, but Elementary is by far my favorite Sherlock on the screen of the moment.
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Finally saw the RDJ Holmes movie--and I loved it, much to my surprise. I hated the first one. But everyone else watched so long ago, I can't even remember if there were reaction posts.

If you posted, can you drop me a link?


Jan. 1st, 2012 09:22 pm
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Who has two thumbs and has seen the new Sherlock?
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Last night I watched The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, a Billy Wilder film from 1970 (he of The Apartment and Double Indemnity). It's an odd, lopsided little thing--apparently in large part because the studio hacked it to bits. It was originally something like four hours long with several adventure stories, but the studio removed all but one, which is a fairly standard, unspectacular Holmesian story that, as Ebert pointed out, the audience solves an hour before Holmes does. And this Watson is particularly incompetent, running around hysterically, shouting "Holmes!" and then tripping over things.

But none of that matters, because the first half hour. Oh, the first half hour.

It's like bad fic! On screen! + plot bunnies )

This movie is truly a hash of a thing, but the first twenty minutes are totally worth it. If only to see the most flaming portrayal of Sherlock Holmes ever put on film.
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The very first person to audition for John Watson on the new BBC Sherlock series was Matt Smith. Who went on to be cast as the Doctor a few weeks after that. Given that Doctor Who and Sherlock are done by the same people, I don't think this was a coincidence.
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I am listening to a description of the trial of Socrates. Socrates sounds exactly Sherlock in the new BBC production.
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I saw Sherlock Holmes this weekend, and despite always enjoying RDJ, and despite the fact that this movie isn’t so much slashy as it is actually gay (this is beyond "the plot holes only make sense with teh gay" of Smallville and The Fast and the Furious and into the territory of "it was clearly the filmmakers and actors’ intent that these characters are gay"), I was not particularly grabbed by it.

In which I compare this version of Holmes to earlier versions of Holmes and find RDJ lacking )
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More info on the new Sherlock Holmes. (Warning: vague spoilers for the general premise of the movie.) There are many things in this that make me...leery of this adaptation. (Like the words "green screen effects" and "inspired by Conan Doyle.") But there's also this:

"I think the word bromance is so passé," Downey grinned. "We are two men [Holmes and Watson] who happen to be roommates who wrestle a lot and share a bed."

Oh, RDJ. You had me at bromance.


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