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I rewatched Maltese Falcon last night, because seeing this:
photo--spoilers! )
reminded me of it. And I wanted to see San Francisco on film now that I've seen it in person. I don't actually know if Maltese Falcon was filmed in SF--wiki wouldn't tell me. But it's certainly set there. And Sam Spade has a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge out of his window at all times, though I couldn't figure out from the perspective where that put his office. Out his window, it disappears into the distance from right to left, and I don't know how that's possible unless he's in Sausalito. Anyway.

What struck me this time (aside from what a great movie it is) is the location of that plaque. In the movie, when Archer is shot, he's at the top of a steep embankment and tumbles down it. According to the plaque, the location is on Bush Street, just off Stockton, which is the side of Nob Hill.

Today, that alley looks like this:
photo! )

Stockton Street goes split-level about there--there's a tunnel that goes through Nob Hill, which, if you are driving up Stockton from Union Square, you'll go through. And there's a Stockton Street on top of it that goes over the hill. The buildings on either side of Stockton have ground level on one side and then on the other side, ground level is two stories up. So, this is now an alleyway rather than a hill because the entire slope of the hill has been built on, providing a flat surface over the tops of buildings.

I was just completely surprised to see an embankment in the movie, having just been there (assuming that it's filmed in SF--but even if not, that there is meant to be an embankment at that location), but it kind of makes sense that in 1941, it wasn't as built up.


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