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I have been watching through Royal Pains on Netflix while my other shows are on hiatus. This is basically cotton candy television. The show is mostly about showing amazing houses and bright, beautiful summer weather, where it has only rained once, and that was for the plot. It's also a medical show where everything that everyone is diagnosed with is an easy fix, and they're all better by the end of the episode. Spoiler for season 3 )

The biggest problem with the show is the way they've treated Divya, the main female character. She is not a romantic interest of either of the male leads, but the entire way they've treated her romantic life is just *headdesk*. Spoilers through season five )

So why am I still watching the show? Evan. Cause he's an accountant. I'm actually sort of amused by him as a portrayal of an accountant, cause the early show leans very hard on him being crooked and scheming, which is a very post-Enron way of looking at accountants. Most of the episodes in the first two seasons, he comes up with a scheme to make money/promote HankMed; he gets his come-uppance. Which is why I loved the storyline where Hank dumped him and tried to run his own business. Cause the point of that entire storyline was that business is hard and Evan is good at it. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed accountant competence porn.

Anyway, I'm sure this is not a show that is particularly being followed except in the "oh, Royal Pains is on...I guess I won't change the channel" way. But if anyone is watching it, come chat.

(Also, Boris is hot. What can I say.)


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