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Two more things about Person of Interest:

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Post two! Person of Interest, or my new fannish obsession. From this fandom I have learned a new and useful term: clam - a character who feels fierce and passionate emotions but has very strong control over their emotions and attempts stoicism, but sometimes there are cracks and the emotions show through.

Person of Interest is a clam show. I mean, it's basically Batman, and he's a super-clam. And wouldn't you know it! All of my favorite heroes are clams. Dean Winchester? Check. John Constantine? Check. If I've written it, chances are there's a clam involved.

Two things re POI in relation to its slash fandom (spoilery, but not very specifically):
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I have a leeettle bit of breathing room for the next few days, so time to talk about the new nascent obsession! Person of Interest.

I caught one episode of this last season, and thought it was a POS. It seemed to be a show starring two guys, one who acts by not moving his face, and the other who acts by not moving his neck. I now realize, that was the second episode of the series and trying to be a baby pilot. It's still a crap episode, but not a representative one.

Here is why I like the show.

- Jim Caviezel. HOT! I loved him in Count of Monte Cristo and I still do. Brooding is his business. (No, I have not seen Passion of the Christ and do not want to. I'm not ready for hot Jesus.)

- The show's format is basically Pretender, except that in this show, when the mysterious broody guy in black leather shows up to help the frightened woman, she says WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU YOU CREEPY FUCK rather than instantly trusting him.

- This might just be my interpretation, but the show does not seem to be normalizing how ridiculously unethical and stalker-y surveillance is. Our heroes use it, but there's constant dialogue about the danger of the power behind surveillance, and they both seem to have reached a post-moral, ends-justify-means way of thinking about it, rather than going through lots of rationalization about how it's not creepy when they do it. Cause it still is.

- Spoilers for first few eps )

- There is a main character who is a black woman. She is not one of the two leads, it's true. But she is (for now) the main antagonist, and she kicks ASS.

- When it comes down to it, though, what really makes this show work is Finch and Reese. They're both so completely broken that they're pursuing this thing that will surely kill them because it gives them purpose. So far, they have no other agendas. And even by episode six, they have completely bonded over this shared endeavor. Like soldiers on the front lines--the fact that they are completely isolated and what they're doing is almost certainly fatal makes them very loyal very fast. And the show knows this, and goes straight to the hurt/comfort. Oh, old school. *heart*


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