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You know how sometimes Netflix sends you something that's like 15 down your queue instead of what's at the top? Well, Netflix sent me season 4 of Moonlighting. You may recall that I was not terribly thrilled with the show in season 3. But since I have the discs, I might as well watch them before I send them back.

For season 4, they had a couple of problems:
-Cybill Sheppard was pregnant with twins
-Bruce Willis was filming Die Hard
-They could barely stand to be in a room with each other anymore, anyway
-Even the show's creators wanted to stop at the end of season 3

So then we get season 4. Ah, the smell of desperation in the morning )

There are commentaries on a few episodes with the writer and Bruce Willis, with the writer saying, basically, this scene was him flailing desperately to fill time, and then apologizing to Willis for making him perform this shit. Willis in turn says he'd get the scripts and be like who is this character? Cause it certainly isn't David Addison. He seems to have a firm stance toward this season of fuck this shit, I'm filming Die Hard.

Lois and Clark didn't even get this bad.
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Over the weekend I watched season 3 of Moonlighting. This does not take long, as there were only 16 episodes, one of which is a clip show and another of which centers around Miss Dipesto. I'm not ashamed to say I skipped that one.

Moonlighting is the classic example of a show that jumped the shark because the leads consummated their relationship. But watching this season—that was not the issue. This show was going sailing over the shark at the end of this season no matter what the writers did—not that the writers did a good job. They didn't.

Why Moonlighting jumped the shark )

Why David/Maddie isn't my OTP )

You've also gotta love the eighties fashion and the dentist's office chic of their sets.


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