Dead Zone

May. 26th, 2011 12:20 pm
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Because the enjoyable book I just proofread was kind of a knock-off of Dead Zone, I pulled out my DVDs to rewatch the pilot and a few episodes.

- It's kind of disturbing how these are now almost a decade old. The changes in TV CGI effects alone...

- I still think the episode "Precipitate" is one of the most genius episodes of television. Because it takes the premise of the show--John Smith touching things activates the "dead zone" in his brain, giving him visions--and takes it to a totally cracked out place. What happens if he gets a blood transfusion? Answer, he gets visions of the six donors anytime their blood passes through his dead zone. The first fifteen minutes of the episode are just exploring the idea. The plot only shows up later.

- I watched most of season two of this show in one day, the day after I pulled an all-nighter singing Tavener's "Veil of the Temple." Consequently I was really loopy, a, and I was wearing my glasses instead of my contacts, so the TV screen wasn't completely in focus. I later watched season three, but that was at least six years ago at this point. So I don't remember the ongoing plot of the show at all. I mean, I know the general idea. But it's like starting a book and putting it down in the middle then waiting five years. I'd like to watch the rest of the show at some point (even though I've heard through the fandom grapevine that it's crap), but I think in order to understand it, I'd need to rewatch the whole show from the beginning.

- Nicole de Boer still annoys the hell out of me.


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