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Dear authors of Daredevil fanfic:
1. There are no alleys in Manhattan. Not even in alternate reality dystopian Hell's Kitchen. There are no alleys. Sketchy warehouse districts, sure. But NO ALLEYS.
2. They type of people that are Matt and Foggy's clientele do not own cars. Nor would their neighbors. And if they do own a car, they'd probably keep it at their parents' out on Long Island or in New Jersey and have to take a train to get to it. Cars are not a thing for people in Manhattan unless they are wealthy.
3. Hell's Kitchen is RIGHT THE FUCK NEXT TO MIDTOWN. Seriously, look at Google Maps. Avengers Tower would be like a fifteen minute walk back to Hell's Kitchen. If someone was dropped at Avengers Tower, they wouldn't need to call someone to pick them up. It's not Far Rockaway. The neighborhoods are literally next door to each other.
3a. Walking and taking the subway is a faster way of getting around Manhattan than any sort of vehicular transport. I walk up Sixth Avenue every day and I beat the cars driving on it. Taking a cab usually takes longer than the subway.

I know none of these New York setting complaints are new, but I seem to have found a whole new set of authors who know nothing about New York. Gah, the calling friends to pick you up to take you from midtown to Hell's Kitchen one really bothers me. That's a back button right there. If I called a friend to drive me that distance, I'd be waiting there two to three hours while they schlepped to get their car and come back.


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