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What you've been missing if you're not watching Bravo:

Last week's Make Me a Supermodel was the nude photo shoot episode. (Cause there has to be one.) This, of course, led to some awesome quotes. There was the "his testacles are bleeding" quote I mentioned before, and then there's Sandhurst being awesome again:
"My body is a temple. It should be visited and photographed as often as possible."

And then there was…Amanda. This one actually made it onto The Soup. As it should:
"I'm really really open with my son. [note: who is a toddler] Like, I don't want him to become, like, I mean no offense, like, gay when he's older, so I'm always, like, naked in front of him now."

…there are so many things wrong with that statement.

And then there's The Fashion Show. I have been watching, but... )

I'm ashamed to admit, but I've also been watching some Real Housewives. The Reunions shows are always so worth it. Especially the two-hour reunion for the New York housewives. It's the only time I've seen people on such a show "break character," admit that they're doing this to advance their businesses and that they play a certain persona on tv. This was in the context of berating another star of the show who kept breaking in with "who cares about all this? Why are we talking about this?" Everyone else was like, this is a reality show. Why do you think they have a reunion show, you idiot?


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