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Thanks to my friends who love me, I now have "Batman Begins" on DVD. And I'm going to have to agree with Lisa; it has the most annoying extras menu I've ever seen. It's like they decided people liked Easter Eggs, so they made all of the extras into Easter Eggs.

It's set up like a comic book that you have to flip through, with the documentaries hidden on each of the pages. And there's no way to skip forward! You have to go through every danged page! They at least have a list of all the clips on the last page so I could see that I missed a few, but again - you can't skip to this. You have to flip all the way through. Argh! Stupid producers.

I learned that Christian Bale has much more in common with Bruce Wayne than is ... sane. He too is a little too dedicated. When he was cast, it was right after the Machinist, so he was twiggy thin. The director told Bale to bulk up as much as possible. When he arrived on set a few months later, he was 220 pounds of solid muscle. He looked like a bear. Everyone went holy shit! The director didn't think he'd take his instructions so literally. So he had to lose about fifty of those pounds to wind up looking all lean and ninja-like.

Like I was saying - a little on the insane side. But if that makes a better Batman film, I'm all for it.

There will be a sequel, right? Tell me there'll be a sequel.


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