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And just because [livejournal.com profile] trinityvixen and I were debating this as we left the theater, a poll.

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I saw Back to the Future on the big screen this weekend with a bunch of people (and we ran into even more people we knew at the theater). It is still a fantastic movie--I was commenting to [livejournal.com profile] trinityvixen afterward that absolutely everything in the movie is on point. There's nothing extraneous. It actually has very few scenes set in the fifties before you get to the climactic Enchantment Under the Sea dance, and all of them both move the plot forward and illuminate the characters. In a sea of bloated three-hour-long dear-god-when-is-this-going-to-end epics, it's a refreshing change. I did get a thrill, too, when Doc said he wanted to go twenty-five years into the future, because I'm sitting twenty-five years in the future right now! oooooo

There were a number of things that struck me differently watching as an adult than as a kid. 1 - Twenty-five years later and we still have generic muslim terrorists in films. The Libyans in Back to the Future are clearly meant to be kind of cartoon villains--one of them's wearing a Yasser Arafat style head scarf, even. They also seem to be entirely neutralized and/or killed by driving into a film processing booth. 2 - This movie seems to be saying that Chuck Berry stole his style from a white guy (who, incidentally, showed up an entire black band). Even though it's clear Marty did not write this song himself, it's a little...um... 3 - I'm pretty skeeved out by the attempted rape scene. Especially since Biff, for the most part, in all three movies, is something of a caricature villain. But if I was Lorraine, I'm not sure I'd want the guy who'd tried to rape me polishing my car, just sayin'.

I also could not help but look at the movie from a fanfic-writing point of view. NOT SLASH. OR ANYTHING NC-17, I hasten to add. I brief look at fic for this film on the internet has just confirmed for me that the potential pairings are really squick-inducing...even some of the canonical ones. But--I can't help trying to figure out the relationship between Doc and Marty. No, seriously, get your minds out of the gutter )

Anyway, I'm kind of dying for well-written Back to the Future gen fic, but it seems like BtF fic comes in two flavors: Mary Sue and OMG THAT IS SO WRONG. Perhaps I will have to request it for Yuletide. ... Though that could end badly.


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