Nov. 5th, 2013 06:26 pm
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Arrow. This is a thing that is happening. Season 1 finally showed up in Netflix, and with season 2 showing up on Hulu, perfect time to catch up.

This show is Rid. Ic. Ulous. OMG. First there's the fact that Oliver Queen is rescued from five years on an island that he tells everyone was deserted. And they believe him. Even though he is covered in scars that were clearly inflicted by weapons. And HE HAS TATTOOS. ON HIS BACK. Oh, and speaks Chinese and Russian fluently. Yeah, totally deserted.

Then there's the fact that everyone treats him like he's Rip Van Winkle and was just asleep for a little while, and not that, maybe, I don't know, he might be deeply traumatized by his experiences.

There's the fact that the women are props. Laurel is such a wet blanket. She exists to be passed around for plot purposes. And Thea has to "get to safety" for her boyfriend to be heroic. Cause that's how women are heroes--we get the hell out of the way, amirite? (Felicity is awesome, though. And how surprised am I that Felicity/Oliver is the main fandom pairing?)

This show also features John Barrowman Barrowmaning, and Paul Blackthorne who I've missed since Dresden.

Also also:
- WTF is up that island? It's some sort of war criminal ninja fight club training camp. Every time there's a flashback, I just laugh harder.

- Is it just me, or is this show guilty of some of the worst plot channel I'VE EVER SEEN? People are always turning on the news to watch a story that is DIRECTLY RELEVANT to them. I wish my local news were that useful.

Other spoiler-y stuff )

Really what gets me about this show, though (I mean, aside from the hot and the archery porn), is that Oliver Queen is LEGIT A SERIAL KILLER. And people tell him that. I mean, you know from the framing mechanism of the show that he has to be ultimately seen as a hero. But if you look at his actions without the knowledge of the frame--I mean, he kills someone in the pilot TO HIDE HIS IDENTITY. That is not self-defense. That's murder. So he starts out by killing people for expediency. I kind of like watching it with this idea that he is a deeply deluded rage monster who enjoys killing. And has somehow managed to sucker other people into his delusion. Cause this show, more than most other superhero shows, seems to support the interpretation that if the people closest to him found out? They'd lock him up forever.

ETA: Okay, I have to comment on the archery. A) If you shoot multiple arrows off of one bow, you need to have multiple arrow rests, or the arrows go in random directions. I know this from experience. B) If you are learning to shoot and have no arm guard, finger guard, or glove, first, your fingers would be a bloody mess until you built up calluses. Especially with a 150 pound bow. That shit hurts. Second, I guarun-damn-tee you you will give yourself string burn. When I was shooting three or four hours a day, I'd hit my forearm at least once a day (hey, no one said I was any good). I was using a thirty pound bow, which would do less damage, and my forearm was constantly a multi-colored welt. I think they're missing a golden opportunity here of having him shoot the bow for the first time then jump around howling in pain. But maybe he hasn't hit his forearm cause he's ANCHORING IN THE WRONG PLACE. He's holding it too far out. You get no accuracy that way. The closer you hold it to the body, using your anchor points, the more accurate you are. /rant


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