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Dear Yuletide writer—
Thank you for writing a story for me! In general, I love angst, and stories focused on characters. I love reading about people negotiating their relationship with each other. It's a thing. My do not wants are rape/noncon, character death, torture, graphic violence, extended medical descriptions, bloodplay. I hope I've given you enough detail below to get your bunnies started. Slash, gen, and het are all fine, as are threesomes and moresomes.

Constantine (TV)
This show was gone before its time. Really I just want team bonding between John, Chas, and Zed. Or! Chas and Zed getting to know each other without John as their only thing in common. Or! More Chas angst around his particular curse. The show gave us some, but I'd love more angsty backstory of how his and John's friendship got from that moment to where it is in the show.

Almost Human
Another show tragically gone before its time. What I'd love more than anything is a story that made sense of the soup of this show's worldbuilding. (The fact that they aired it out of order didn't help.) What is the wall? What happened during the revolt? Anything that capitalizes on all the tantalizing hints. With Dorian and John of course--the charisma of those two was off the charts.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)
Did I mention I love angst? Cause this movie (and the book--I've read that too, so have no objections to book canon) brings the aaaaaaaaangst. Really anything that rolls around in Edmond's super-emo, competence-porn awesomeness. (And now I'm just envisioning a Person of Interest AU where Reese is the Count and--no! No! No crossovers for yuletide! I will not break the rules! ...But that would be awesome, right?)


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